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Deep Freezers in Canada

We supply freezers that are used to store Zostavax vaccine in Canada

OUR DEEP FREEZERS are designed by Haier Medical and Summit Medical as per Canadian standards with the help of several years of experience of R & D department. This equipments are superior in temperature accuracy, better construction of panels for less cooling loss. The Deep Freezers are used to preserve plasma, vaccines, micro organism and blood product storage, and other applications in the field of research, development, production and quality control.


• Digital temperature controller system
• CFC free Eco-friendly cooling system. Printer interface for on line print data on 80 col.
• Dot matrix printers.(optional).
• Acrylic door inside the main door to avoid temperature loss.
• Complete lQ, OQ and PQ documentation and operating manual.
• Chart recorder for 7 days. (Optional).
• Servo stabilizer 7.5 KVA . (optional)

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